AITCA is an open source decentralized platform built on a fork of Bitcoin Core. The AITCA platform further extends the innovation of Bitcoin and Ethereum by integrating distributed machine learning with the blockchain as a backbone. You can use the AITCA platform to issue Assets/Tokens for any personal or organizational financial needs which are trade-able on any cryptocurrency exchange, or you can use AITCA as your own financial network.

Because of the robust nature of AITCA, it can be used in various industries including: Healthcare, Real Estate, and Banking. AITCA can also be used for encrypted data storage whether personal, healthcare, media, corporate or government.

AITCA goes beyond a typical blockchain platform for Asset/Token issuance or encrypted data storage. Since AITCA is in it's infancy stages, the true extent of the AITCA Platform has yet to be realized.


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