AITCA is a full-service BlockChain and AI consulting and services company for the finance and security industries.

AITCA offers Deep Learning and BlockChain Solutions

AITCA’s suite of blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions, including advanced deep learning and models, are easy to use and are custom-tailored to each individual client’s needs. Our end-to-end AI solutions speed time to delivery, save costs, reduce risk, and deliver optimized results to give you an immediate competitive advantage and bolster your bottom line. Our BlockChain solutions ensure data security, immutable records and complete transparency.

Our AI solutions focus on the following areas


AITCA has various AI prediction models for the finance and security/law enforcement sectors. AITCA will tailor a solution perfect for your needs.


AITCA offers our BlockChain and AI consulting services to various industry clients with a particular focus on Security and Finance. We can create and deploy customized solutions to meet your needs.


Achieve optimal resource allocation and maximize procedural efficiencies. Process and quality control, asset portfolios and product pricing. Real Time processing, tamper proof criminal records and data logging/sharing. Global Alerts for law enforcement.

AI Solutions Offered

AITCA is proud to present our suite of AI solutions focused on consulting, prediction and finance/security. Applicable across a wide range of industries and powered by state of the art AI technology, our artificial intelligence solutions address key areas where businesses can utilize AI to drive growth and gain a significant competitive advantage. AITCA is proud to offer consulting and services solutions in the AI industry.

Whether you are just beginning to contemplate how to take advantage of artificial intelligence in your organization, or you have a specific plan in mind and are looking to execute, our AI solutions are designed to enable companies at any level of expertise with the streamlined ability to harness the power of machine learning in industry.

What the experts are saying about AI...

In a global survey of more than 3,000 executives, approximately 75 percent of participants said they believe AI solutions can address classic business problems and unlock new opportunities.
-Sloan Review, MIT

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